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The route starts from the town of Vidin on the international road E-79 towards the town of Dimovo. The road is loaded with traffic but with a good asphalt and wide enough. Till Dimovo there are 1-2 significant climbs in the beginning just after the town of Dunavtsi.
Before the railway crossing in the town of Dimovo turn right to the direction of Magura Cave. The quality of the road surface deteriorates, but heavy traffic is avoided.
In Kladorub you can turn right to Magura Cave, which is one of the most famous Bulgarian caves with authentic paintings dating back to tens thousand years BC and lake Rabisha – the only tectonic lake in Bulgaria. 400 m. from the entrance of the cave is situated the newly built Magura complex with excellent cuisine and incredible views of the western Balkans. Contact phone: 0878 485 495 E-mail: Here you can charge the batteries of your bicycle before proceeding. The complex offers various opportunities for water sports in Rabisha Lake, wine tasting from the region of Vidin, jeep safari other entertainments.
In Magura Cave there is an opportunity to taste wine from the Magura winery in the Bats gallery in the cave itself. To book a wine tasting you should call at least three days prior to your visit at: 02 857 00 15, head office and 093 29 62 30, winery. Http:// In the village of Rabisha it is worth visiting the old school, which is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. It was built in 1835 in the courtyard of the church „St. Prophet Ilia“. There is exhibited letter written with blood to the rebels in Rakovica in 1850, giving the beginning of the uprising in Northwestern Bulgaria.
The road from Kladorub to Belogradchik is predominantly mountainous with many turns and sometimes quite narrow. The quality of the asphalt is average to satisfactory. Upon entering Belogradchik you must visit the Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress. If you have more free time visit also the astronomical observatory, the Natural History and History Museum. The Belogradchik Rocks stretch over 30 square kilometers, sculptured by nature more than 200 million years ago. Their discovery is an incredible adventure. There are some well-marked paths. Bike Club “Skala” organizes regular mountain biking competitions and has experienced guides. There is always a possibility to rent a mountain bike!
The accommodation and dining options in Belogradchik are rich. Here you can charge the batteries of your bicycle before proceeding.