Turnu Magurele – Viisoara – Zimnicea – Vedea – Giurgiu

110 km 4 h 40 min

The route starts at Turnu Magurele Town Hall (36 meters above sea level, slope -0.9%) and heads east of the city. The route takes place along the Danube River at the border with its terraces, strictly following its limitation. Before the village of Viisoara (km 28.1, 20 meters above sea level, 0.4% slope), the route climbs from the Danube to the terraces, bypassing the northern part of Lake Suhaia. From the entrance to the exit of Viisoara (km 30, 91 meters above sea level, 0.3% slope), a steep slope ascends, followed by a stretch of uninterrupted descents and climbs, created by the fragmented terrain around the Danube. From km 42.5 (86 m above sea level, 1% slope), the route descends quickly to Zimnicea (km 50.6, 33 m above sea level) and then remains relatively flat following the contact between the Danube and the Boianul Plain. After crossing the Vedea River (km 66.5, 21 altitude), the route passes through Bujoru and follows the Danube border and the Burnazul plain. There is a stretch of intense descent and climb between Bujoru and Pietrosani (between km 71.7 and km 75.5), which is the last along the route, which continues relatively flat, with a slight difference in altitude up to Giurgiu. There is the end point of the route near Alley Park (110.5 km, 27 meters above sea level, 1.2% slope).