ROOT: SVISHTOV – Vardim – Novgrad – Djulyunitsa – Obretenik – Dvemogili – cave Orlova chuka
– Cherven / fortress Cherven / – Koshov – Ivanovo –
Ivanovski rock churches – Basarbovski rock monastery – RUSE

130 km.

5.30 h.


Svishtov-Ruse is one of the longest routes, but at the same time one of the most interesting. The road is of very good quality but also has some nice ascents and descents, which are even more pleasant with an electric bicycle.
When you reach Obretenik village you have several kilometers on the extremely busy road of Byala-Ruse, where you have to take caution, and then turn right to the village of Dve Mogili, where in guest-house Edelvais is situated our charging station. From there the road is calm and the magic of the natural phenomenon Rusenski Lom begins. It is worth visiting the cave Orlova Chuka, the village of Cherven with the medieval city-fortress Cherven, successor of a Byzantine fortress from the 6th century. From Cherven we recommend going through the village of Koshov, where you can see an impressive rock massif and relax or eat in exceptionally pleasant guest houses, then visit the Ivanovo Rock Churches – founded in the 13th century and listed in the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Of great interest is also the Basarbovo Rock Monastery „St. Dimitar Basarbovski“, situated in the valley of the Rusenski Lom River, 10 km from the town of Ruse.
Ruse is a cosmopolitan city with exceptional sights and rich history. The most interesting building in the city center is the Profitable Building. Also visit the historical museum, Zahari Stoyanov‘s house, the Baba Tonka museum, the city life museum and the transport museum or the renaissance pantheon.
Wine tasting offers at boutique wine cellar Levent and the entertainment options in Ruse include horse riding and a karting track.