ROUTE:RUSE – Sandrovo- Slivo pole – Ryahovo – Brashlen- Tutrakan – Tarnovtsi – Bogdantsi – Zafirovo – Srebarna – Aidemir- SILISTRA

130 км.

6 ч.


The Ruse -Silistra route is part of Eurovelo 6. In order to avoid the busy main road between the two district towns, we recommend where it is possible to drive along a dirt road near the Danube, which due to the forest vegetation may be in places overgrown with shrubs or even impassable. Velo Ruse Association is extremely active in the maintenance of the road and can provide up-to-date information about its condition at the moment of your trip. The Ruse -Tutrakan area is full of beautiful places and natural parks.
In Tutrakan you can visit the ethnographic museum of Danube fishing and boat construction. The town has a wonderful Danube park, after which there is the fishing settlement with new fishing houses built through a project of the municipality, contrasting with the old houses on the other side of the street. A little further is situated the fishing quarter and the cozy hotel-restaurant called The boat.
From Tutrakan to Silistra, the main road is not the only option for traveling. There is a restaurant with a large swimming pool opposite of Tutrakan, but if you want to be close to nature, you can pass from Tutrakan through the villages of Pozharevo, Dunavets, the small Preslavets marsh, Malak Preslavets to get to Zafirovo again on the main road.
Close to Silistra you can find the Srebarna Reserve listed on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list. The reed reaches up to 6-7 m tall, rare and endangered plants, including the water lily and an insect eating plant, 150 species of birds, many of them threatened from extinction – dumb swan, various cormorants, 35 mammal species and huge fish diversity make the reserve a true natural paradise. Tourism in the area is well developed and there are enough places for accommodation and meals. The visit of the Natural Science Museum at the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve is a compulsory step to explore the flora and fauna there.
Nearby is the village of Vetren with additional bed base and exit to the river.
Reaching Silistra is through the village of Aidemir. In the city you can see the ruins of Druster fortress, visit the art gallery and the historical and ethnographic museum, see the Roman tomb and above all climb the hill above the town where is situated the fully preserved Ottoman fortress – the Turkish fort Medzhidi Tabia with interesting Exposition of cannons, military suits and dictators. The Church of St. Peter and Pavel in Silistra was built by Dryanovo architectural school in colorful picturesque style.