Rosiori de Vede – Cosoteni – Dulceanca – Nenciulesti – Mavrodin – Alexandria

40,7 km 45 min

The route starts from the central park of Rosiori de Vede (81 m above sea level, -1.9% slope) and runs east of the city. After crossing the Vedea River (km 1.1), a section of climbing takes place through the Vdja Forest and the Cosoteni (km 3.1). View point – panorama over Rosiori de Vede (seen from the left bank of the river). Between Cosoteni and the exit of the Vedea forest (km 5.1; 92 m above sea level, 0.2% slope), the road begins a steady descent and then follows a slightly upward trend to the village of Vedea. Here (km 8.1; 97 m above sea level, 0.1% slope) begins a sharp decrease to the crossing of the Bourda River (km 9.6; 76 m above sea level -0.2% slope). From this point, the route follows a slow downhill flight, with slight differences in the height on the left bank of the Bourda River, up to the infusion and in Vedea, opposite the village of Albesti (km 15), from which point the track follows the left bank of the River Vedea. Between the settlements of Mavrodin and Buzescu, the route passes from the left to the right bank of the river, and then returns following the ring road of Alexandria. At this moment on the left (km 28.7, 47 m above sea level, 0.1% slope), a climbing stretch begins, following the higher slope of Vedea. At km 38.5 (71 m above sea level -3.6% slope), a sharp decline begins, which marks the descent after the high slope of the river and the end of the route is the city of Alexandria. View point – the panorama of Alexandria (seen from the left bank of Vedea); tourist attractions. The end point of the route is in close proximity to the central park in Alexandria (40.7 km, 47 m above sea level -0.8% slope).