INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme 2014-2020

Programme priority axis 1: A well connected region

Programme priority specific objective: 1.1 Improve the planning, development and coordination of cross border transport systems for better connections to TEN-T transport network


Lead Beneficiary (LB)- Agency for Regional Development and Business Center – Vidin

Beneficiary 2 – Vidin chamber of commerce and industry – VDCCI

Beneficiary 3 – Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry- Oltenia Subsidiary

Beneficiary 4 – Local Employers’ Association for Small and Middle Enterprises (LEASME) Calafat


In Bulgaria – Vidin,Vratsa,Pleven,Veliko Tarnovo,Ruse and Dobrich(+Sofia)

In Romania – Mehedinti,Dolj,Giurgiu,Calarasi and Constanta(+Bucharest)


Main objective: Promote regional mobility by connecting the secondary and tertiary nodes of the TEN-T network, including the multimodal nodes

Specific objective 1: Improving the planning, development and coordination of cross-border transport systems for better connection to the TEN-T network

Specific objective 2: Establishment of a network of electric bicycles in the whole cross-border area between Bulgaria and Romania in order to achieve improved sustainable individual transport mobility.


The studies will provide exhaustive information for transport connections with TEN-T infrastructure of the developed E-bike Network. The objective is to have for each of the 32 indicative secondary and tertiary nodes a list of all public transport services, including trains, buses, water transport, ect. in order to help the people plan their e-bike itinerary.

An information database will be created with advisable e-bike itineraries starting from any of the e-bike stations in the 32 towns in the cross-border region – indicative nodes of TEN-T infrastructure, connecting with all other nearby nodes. These itineraries will be described with the following information: GPS tracks of the routes, description of the route, level of traffic intensity, elevation, estimated time for transport with e-bike, all charging e-bike stations on the way.

An information database will be created for itineraries from all of the 32 nodes with e-bike stations to out-of-the-towns touristic places of national or significant importance, providing all the above-said information and also mentioning places for accommodation and restaurants on the way


Within this activity, working meetings with stakeholders from the target region will be organized at all the TEN-T network nodes to select operators who will operate electric bicycles and charging stations.

Project partners will prepare in advance:

  1. Methodology for selection of e-bike station operators and e-bike charging station operators.The methodology will be developed by the project team.
  2. Sample legal documents for contracting local operators by the beneficiaries, sample legal documents for rent contracts between operators and e-bike users, best frame-contract insurance options for e-bikes.

Meetings will be public and will be open to anyone wishing to participate in the project. During the meetings, the network concept, the operator selection methodology and the prepared legal documentation will be presented.


After the selection of operators, who will be responsible for the functioning of the e-bike network and signing contracts with them, the project beneficiaries will deliver electrical bicycles and e-bike charging stations to the selected operators. The e-bicycles will be delivered as follows:

In Bulgaria to operators in all secondary nodes of transport infrastructure, except Vidin: 10 e-bikes /Dobrich, Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven and Vratsa/, in the indicative tertiary nodes – 5 e-bikes /Gorna Oryahovitsa, Svishtov, Mezdra, Balchik, Lom, Montana, Cherven Bryag, Dulovo, Oryahovo, Silistra/, in Vidin – 20 e-bikes.

The e-bicycles will be delivered in Romania to operators in Giurgiu, D.T.Severin, Calarasi, Constanta and Craiova – 10 e-bikes; Aleksandria, Medgidia, Mangalia, Caracal, Rosiori, Turnu Magurele, Cernavoda, Navodari, Slatina and Oltenita – 5 e-bikes and in Calafat – 20 e-bikes

Charging e-bike stations will be delivered to 35 operators in the cbc area of Bulgaria and 35 in Romania.


Representatives of e-bike operators will pass a 4-days training related to e-bike maintenance and small repairs. This training will be organized in 1 place in Bulgaria and one in Romania for 40 participants each. This is important activity for the capacity building of practical skills for maintenance of the equipment.

The training will be held by experienced instructor and translation service will be provided.

The training will also serve another important purpose – networking between the operators from both countries. During the training will be discussed and finalized some of the processes for transport of e-bikes taken from place A and left in place B.


  1. For the promotional campaign the project team will work out a concept of a marketing strategy for promotion of the e-bike network, creating common messages for the selected target groups.
  2. For the promotion and publicity campaign of the new e-bike network for sustainable individual mobility the project plans wide spectrum of activities:

Development of web site in EN, RO and BG languages for the e-bike network + domain and hosting for 18months.

Shooting of 3 videos for e-bike routes and events in English,Bulgarian and Romanian..Each film will be on DVD format and will last about 50 minutes.

Development and print of one e-bike guide A4 40 pages for the whole CBC area in BG, RO and EN languages in 3000 items each language.

Development and print of 6 different E-bike Net catalogues A6 20 pages for the respective area of every secondary node of TEN-T infrastructure in BG and RO in 3 languages /EN, RO and BG/ – 1000 pieces per language per node – total 18000 A6 20p. catalogues.

Development and print of a map of E-bike Net with the locations and contacts of the e-bike stations and charging points, proposed itineraries and places of interest in 1000 items.

Production of promotional biking sportswear and T-shirts for participants in events – 400 items


These events will be organized to present the electric bicycle network as a means of individual transport and to develop tourism in the cross-border region. В този смисъл ще бъдат организирани:

– 4 e-bik tours, 2 in Romania and 2 in Bulgaria. 2 of these events will be for people over 60, respectively one in Bulgaria and Romania;

-2 promotional tours for journalists and tour operators, one in Bulgaria and Romania;

-11 e-bike festival will be organized in the secondary nodes of the TEN-T network to present this form of transport


Established one joint mechanism – E-bike NET

Population in the CBC region (95,000 people), served by the upgraded infrastructure leading to the TEN-T network

32 settlements will be equipped with E-bikes

70 points will be equipped with charging stations and will cover the whole CBC area

At least 480 people will participate in the events organized under the project

2350 free use of electric bicycles will be delivered within the project

Two studies related to the E-bike network will be prepared

18 e-biking events will be organized


Individual citizens, Private companies, NGOs, Public sector, Educational and research institutions

Elderly people of over 60 years of age

Local stakeholders interested in becoming e-bike operators

Journalists and tour-operators