81.4 кm.

2 h.


This is one of the most enjoyable routes in the Northwest. For a short distance of 40 km you can visit the town of Berkovitsa, which impresses first with the Ivan Vazov House Museum, a clock tower, the church St. Nikolay. Berkovitsa has accommodation and dining options.
Then take the Petrohan route for about a kilometer after the end of the town, turn left and head for Varshets, the city of mineral springs. After 3-4 km you may like to stop at the Stalin Grill famous for its trout. Only a kilometer inside the Balkan is the Klisurski Monastery – the spiritual pearl of North-western Bulgaria. The monastery offers accommodation, and there is a restaurant in front of its gates. To continue to Varshets you should go back to the fish restaurant Stalin and take to the right. After about 2 km you will reach the village of Spanchevtsi. In the middle of the village there is a recreation complex Minkovi Bani, which has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, bungalows and a chess playground – one of the favorite places for rest of the local people.
After a few more kilometers you will reach the town of Varshets – famous for the wonderful properties of its mineral water, which springs in the region and a mild mountain climate that provides all the necessary prerequisites for effective balneotherapy and prophylaxis. Varshets has an excellent resort base and prestigious hotels with its own Spa centers.