Drobeta Turnu-Severin – Strehaia – Craiova

119,3 km 5h
The route starts from the Roses Park in Drobeta-Turnu Severin (76 meters above sea level, 1.4% slope) and heads towards the Northern end of the city. The route remains relatively flat, crossing the Topolnita River (km 7.6, 76 m above sea level, -2.1% slope) and continuing to Malovat.
From Malovet (km 11.2, 108 m above sea level, 0.6% slope), intensive climbing begins, with a very large difference in the level, up to 19.7 km (435 m above sea level, 4.3% slope). From this point, the route descends very quickly through the valley of a river (km 23, 265 m above sea level, -4.2% slope) near the village of Craguiesti.
At km 26.7 (293 m above sea level -4.2% slope), near Rakova, the route starts to descend, crosses the left bank of the river (km 30.8, 230 m above sea level, 0.4% slope) and runs parallel to the course of the river (km 40.1, 200 m above sea level, 0.5% slope). Near Ciovarnasani, the route passes on the right side of the river, following the direction of the infusion. In Corcova (km 59.6, 160 m above sea level, 3.1% slope), the route changes direction to the Southeast following the right bank of the Motru River passing through Strehaia (km 75.1, 143 m above sea level) .

From Gura Motrului (km 102.1, 125 m above sea level, 0.8% slope) at the flow of the river in Jiu, the track follows the right side of Jiu, maintaining a slow descent and passing through the settlements of Bralostita (km 111.6 110 m above sea level, 3.3% slope) and Scaesti (km 118.2, 105 m above sea level, 0.7% slope).

In Breasta the route crosses the Jiu River (km 137.8, 85 m above sea level, 2.1% slope), entering Craiova, where the route ends at the botanical garden (114.5, 91 m above sea level, 0.9% slope).