Constanta – Agigea – Techirghiol – Eforie Nord – Costinesti – Olimp – Neptun – Mangalia

49 km, 2:00km

The route departs from Constanţa – the Southern exit to Agigea. Between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud, the route passes through steep descents and climbs (km 3,4, 27 m above sea level, -1,3% slope and 6,7 km, 17 meters altitude, 6,6% slope) through the dry part that separates Techirghiol Lake and the Black Sea.
After leaving Eforie Sud, there is a significant descent as the height decreases from
34 m (km 10.5, -0.5% slope) at 5 m (km 13.3, -0.9% slope).
After entering Costinesti (16.5 km, 16 m above sea level, slope -0.5%) and to the exit from Schitu (km 21.3, 22 m above sea level) the route makes two descents and climbs with a difference in the altitude of over 14 m and passes by the lake Constinesti.
From Schitu, the trail descends slowly, without great differences in altitude, bypassing the right shore of the lake
The lake Tatlageac (between km 25.3-27.4) is situated before the Olympus resort between 30.4 and 32.2 km. The route crosses the damm of Neptune, which separates the lakes Neptune I, Neptune II and Tismana from the Black Sea.
After leaving Neptune, a new batch of climbs begins, reaching near the exit of Jupiter (32.4 km, 16 meters high, 1.2% slope), the part where a new descent starts with a slight difference in altitude.
From 35.2 to 36.4 km, the route crosses the Saturn-Venus beach, which divides the Saturn marsh from the Black Sea, the route ends in Mangalia (km 39.3, 1 m above sea level, slope -0.3%) near the city park.