Chernavoda – Capidava – Pantelimon – Targusor – Kogalniceanu – Medgidia – Chernavoda

126 km, 6:00 h

The route starts from the Central Park of Chernavoda (15 m above sea level, 0.5% slope) and goes to the Northern outskirts of the city.
From the exit of the town the route is relatively flat to Seimeni, where there is a part with an intensive ascent between km 5.7 (9 m above sea level, slope 0.8%) and 7 (66 m above sea level, 6.2% slope).
After that ascent, the route descends and remains fairly flat until it enters the village of Dunarea. Here, at 13.5 km (12 m above sea level, 2.2% slope) begins a new intensive climbing part, approximately 3 km.
Starting at km 16.4 (64 m above sea-level, -8.7% slope) follows a steep slope to the village of Capidava (km 21.3, 20 m above sea level, -1% slope).
Upon leaving Capidava, a new, sharp climb to 29.2 km (114 m above sea level, slope -0.5%) followed by a rapid descent to the village of Baltagesti (32 km, 35 meters above sea level – 2.2% slope). From here the track has two intense climbs and descents, up to 45.9 km (156 m above sea level, -3.5% slope), where the descent to Pantelimon begins (km 48, 135 m above sea level, 1% slope).
After leaving Pantelimon, the route begins to descend, marked by two sharp descents and climbs as a result of the passage through the villages of Mireasa (54.5 km, 106 m above sea level, 0.9% slope) and Targusor (km 61, 2, 99 m altitude, -1% slope). Following the crossing of Targusor, the track continues to descend continuously, passing through Kogalniceanu (km 74.2, 72 m above sea level, -1.3% slope). Between km 76.5 (84 m height) and 81.6 (83 m above sea level, 3% slope) is a relatively straight road, and then a long depopulation to the town of Medgidia (95.5 km, 14 m above sea level, -1% slope) Along the Danube – Black Sea Canal, the route reaches Chernavoda again.