Chernavoda – Medgidia – Poarta Alba – Nazarcea – Navodari – Constanta

100km, 5:00 h

The route starts from the central park in Chernavoda (14 m above sea level, 0.6% slope) and heads South of the city, following the left bank of the Danube-Black Sea canal. The track is relatively flat, with slight altitudes, the first significant being between Saligny and Faclia (km 7,3-9,7).
From here on, the route continues to be relatively flat just before Satu Nou (km 17.6, 9 meters above sea level, 0.1% slope), where a new stretch of climbing appears.
From the entrance of Medgidia (km 23, 28 m above sea level, -2.9% slope) the track descends, and after crossing the city remains relatively flat until it reaches near Poarta Alba.
Prior to Poarta Alba, there is a climbing and descent section that marks the passage of the Poarta Alba- Medgidia Navodari Canal (km 39.2, 2 m tall, 0.3% slope).
After leaving the city, the route remains fairly flat, with a slight difference in altitude, up to 5 m, with a part of a short descent and climb at the time of crossing the canal (km 16.2, 1 m above sea level, 0, 6 % slope).
From Poarta Alba (16.9 km, 12 meters above sea level, 0.3% slope) begins a stretch of intense descent, parallel to the right side of the canal.
At km 29.4 (78 m above sea level, 0.2% slope) begins a sharp descent, ending near Lake Siutghiol (33.6 km, 5 m above sea level, 0.7% slope) and passes north of Ovidiu.
From this point on, the route remains relatively flat without major differences in altitude, and at Novodari crosses the shores of Lake Tasaul and Corbu, where Constanta is the end point of the route (km 48.2, 1 m above sea level).