Calafat – Poiana Mare – Rast – Bailesti – Giurgita – Valea Stanciului – Murta – Daneti – Dobrotesti – Zvorsca – Redea – Caracal

152 km 6 h 20 min

The route starts from Calafat (59 meters above sea level, 0.1% slope) and follows the third terrace of the Danube in the plain of Bailesti to Poiana Mare (km 13.6, 43 m above sea level, 1.3% slope). View point – the panorama over Calafat, the opportunity to visit Vidin through the bridge. From Poiana Mare, the route starts to climb slowly towards Bailesti (km 47; 59 m above sea level, 0.3% slope). Between Bailesti and Giurgita (km 70.4; 66 m above sea level, 0.7% slope), the route remains relatively flat with a slight difference in height. From Giurgita to Segarcea, it passes through the most difficult parts of the ascent, with the maximum climbing point at km 83.2 (126 m above sea level and 9.6% slope). View point – the winery “The realms of the crown”. From Segarcea, the route changes its direction from Southeast to the South, going down almost parallel to the Jiu River to Dranic. Between Dranic and Stancus Valley we have a stretch of intense descent. Between the Valley of Stancus and Murta is the crossing of the Jiu River Valley from West to East, with the altitude falling to 45 m (km 103.1; -0.1% slope). At Murta follows an intensive ascent that overlaps the terraces of the Jiu River to Daneti (119.3 m, 120 m above sea level, 0% slope). At Daneti the route is fairly flat, passing through the villages of Dobrotesti, Zvorsca and Redea, with slight differences in the altitude, and the end point is the town of Caracal (151.9 km, 107 m above sea level, 0.9% slope). View point – the sights of Caracal.