Alexandria – Cernetu – Bujoru – Zimnicea – Bujoru – Vedea – Giurgiu

121,7 km 5h

The route starts from Vedea Park in Alexandria (43 m above sea level, 0.3% slope) and goes to the eastern exit of the city. After crossing the Vedea River (km 0.8, 41 m above sea level, 4.3% slope) the route begins intensive climbing. Starting at km 5.3 (89 meters above sea level, -0.9% slope), the track descends to Cernetu. Here, between the km 12.3 (49 m above sea level, slope -1.1%) and km 20 (48 m above sea level, 2% slope), crosses the Teleorman River. The Teleorman Valley, between Cernetu and Bujoru, represents the natural border between the plains of Bourda and Burnazu (to the south). After Beiu, the route goes down again to the Vedea River, then slowly approaches the left bank. The route remains relatively flat without major differences in the level and at km 40.6 (23 m above sea level, 4.1% slope) the trail passes on the right bank of the river Vedea until Zimnicchia (km 59.1, 21 m above sea level, 0.1% slope). From Zimnicea the route turns its way back to Vedea, while at Bujoru (79.5 m, 25 m above sea level, 2.7% slope) it follows the border between the Danube plain and Bournazoiu up to Giurgiu. There is only one stretch of intense climbing and descent between Bujoru and Pietrosani, after which the route remains fairly flat, with a small difference in the level to Giurgiu, where the end point of the route is Alley Park (121.7 km, 27 m above sea level, 1.2% slope).