Alexandria – Furculesti – Crandu – Turnu Magurele

48 km 2 h

The route starts from the Central Park in Alexandria (46 meters above sea level and 0.4% slope) and goes to the northwest exit of the city. From the exit of the town (1.9 m; 55 m above sea level, 1.9% slope) begins a sharp ascent, which ends at the intersection of the rivers Vedea and Izvorul (km 4.8; 89 m above sea level – 2.7% slope). Between km 4,8 and km 8,3 (80 m above sea level) the route crosses the river Izvorul, with continuous alternating climbing and descent. Passing through the Izvorul valley, the track retains the slow climb to km 15.2 (89 m above sea level and slope -0.3%). From this point on, a steep downhill stretch begins and the route passes through the village of Furculesti (km 20.1, 40 meters above sea level -2.5% slope) and the river Urlui, which passes through the village. After crossing Urlui, the route ascends to its influx into Crandu, following a new part of the slow downhill. The route goes through Crandu (km 27.1, 37 m above sea level, -0.1 slope) and Calmatui River. After crossing Calmatui, there is a stretch of continuous climbing with a high degree of difficulty, up to 31.6 km (95 m above sea level and 0.1% slope). From this point to maximum altitude, a steady descent to km 44.2 (42 m above sea level and -1.4% slope) commences, marking a stretch of intense descent due to a transition from the higher plateau to the rivers of the Olt and Danube rivers. The route ends in front of the Town Hall of Turnu Magurele (km 48.1, 36 meters above sea level, 1.2% slope). View point – panorama of Turnu Magurele; tourist attractions.