Route:  ORYAHOVO – /Burgozone winery/ – Leskovets – Ostrov – Krushovene- Gigen – Brest
– Guliyantsi – Milkovitsa- DolniVit- Samovit – Cherkovica- NIKOPOL

100 кm.

4:30 h.


Oryahovo – Nikopol is part of Eurovelo 6 – the international cycling route connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea across the Danube.
Upon leaving Oryahovo, you can go to the Burgozone winery, where wine tastings are organized upon request. The road is relatively good till the steep village of Ostrov. In the middle of the route, just before Gigen, you can visit the remains of the ancient city of Ulpia Eskus. There is a charging station in the village of Gigen where you have to charge the batteries of your bicycle before continuing for Oryahovo. The last few kilometers before Oryahovo the road runs along the Danube, and there are fabulous views of the majestic river between the trees.
In Nikopol it is worth visiting the Shishman‘s fortress, located on a hillside to the west end of the town.