Route: Vidin – Dunavtsi – Simeonovo – Botevo – Archar – Dobri dol – Slivata – Orsoya – Lom

59 кm.

2:30 h.

The most intense is the traffic in the section from Vidin to Dobri Dol. From here to Lom traffic is relatively low.
The total distance of the route is 58.6 km. The route is part of Eurovelo 6.
It starts from Vidin – a town with rich history and culture. There are plenty of places to eat and stay in the town. The road is asphalt with very good quality. After Dunavtsi, turn left towards Lom. The road passes along the Danube River with many opportunities to go to the river and views of the Danube. Botevo and Archar have two restaurants on the road named „Ratiaria“.
Archar – Izvor monastery – 15.2 km
After Archar before the turn to Dobri dol there is a motel with a possibility of eating.
From there turn left to Lom.
At the beginning of village Dobri dol there is an option to take right to the Dobri dol monastery „Holy Trinity“. You can stay in the monastery; there is a barbeque and a fountain. The road to the monastery is in very bad condition, but it is accessible by bicycle, the hosts are kind and nice.
The next 10-kilometers to the end of Orsoya village have asphalt road of very poor quality, at some places the road has collapses due to active landslides in the area. From the village of Orsoya to the town of Lom the road is mainly renovated with pleasant turns and excellent asphalt. In Lom there is a newly built Danubian park, an excellent pedestrian zone, accommodation and dining options. You can visit the Borunian church, which is tucked away about 150 m after the community center in the square of the town. Excavations from the fortress wall of the ancient fortress Almus are located on the main road very close to the center under a playground. Almus is also the name of the local beer, which is preferred throughout the Northwest.
Main tourist attractions along the route:
Vidin: Baba Vida fortress; Crucified barracks; The Synagogue; Osman Pazvantooglu‘s mosque and library, St Dimitar Cathedral, Stambol Kapia, Nikola Petrov Art Gallery, St. Petka Church, Konakka Museum, Danubian Park.
Izvorski Monastery, Dobridolski Monastery
Lom: Historical Museum, Remnants of the Ancient Fortress Almus, St. Nicolae Stari (Borun Church), Cathedral of the Assumption.