Route: Vidin – Kula – Rakovishki Monastery

54.7 км.

2.15 мин.

After enjoying the atmosphere of the full of history Vidin, you can head to the town of Kula. Castra Martis fortress is among the well-preserved Roman fortresses, which tells the legend of Vida, Kula and Gamza. Kula is a where specific dialect is spoken. In the city there is an ethnografic house with exhibition halls hosting an ethnographic collection of costumes and household items from the Kula region and an urban picture gallery. There’s possibility of accommodation as well as restaurants.
The road to Kula is bumpy but relatively good. Rakovishki Monastery is one of the largest and most beautiful in the region of Vidin. However you will have to ride on a bad road just before Vrashka Chuka border crossing point until the village of Rakovitsa. Here in the monastery you must visit the main church „St. Trinity“ and the new impressive church, erected in memory of those who died during the Vidin Uprising in 1850.