Rosiori de Vede – Calmatuiu de Sus – Plopii Slavitesti – Lunca – Lita – Turnu Magurele

64 km 2 h 40 min

The route starts at the Rosiori de Vede central park (84 m above sea level, -1.3% slope) and heads to the western outskirts of the city. Upon leaving the city, an intensive climbing stretch begins, marking the crossing of the Vedea River, followed by descent and climbing stretch as a result of passing a stream. From km 4 (106 m above sea level) follows a stretch of descent to the crossing of the Urlu River (km 8; 86 m above sea level, 0.5% slope). From here the route follows a gentle ascent to reach the village of Calmatuiu de Sus, where there are ascents and descends portions due to the crossing of the Culmatu river (km 20.6; 82 m altitude, 1.1% slope). After crossing Culmatu, the trail descends smoothly towards Plopii Slavitesti (km 32.4). Entrance to this locality is marked by intense descent at km 31.9 and 80 m above sea level and at km 32.3 – 50 m above sea level, due to the transition from the higher plateau to the valley of the River Sai (south of the Boianul Plain) in the valley of Olt. From there, the route follows the direction of the Olt River, keeping the slow downward trend. The low altitude differences indicated in this section are due to the consistent crossing from one bank to the other bank of the river. The last part of climbing and descending is between km 51.6 and km 57.1. After this part, the route goes down quite intensively to Turnu Magurele, where it ends in front of the Town Hall (km 63.8, 36 meters above sea level, slope 1.1)