Route: PLEVEN – Grivitsa – Zgalevo – Pordim- Odarne – Kamenets- Letnitsa –
Levski – Gradishte- Pavlikeni- Bela Cherkva- Vishovgrad –
Emen /gorge of Negovan kariver/ – Balvan- VELIKO TARNOVO

117 кm.

5 h.


The route connecting Pleven and Veliko Tarnovo is one of the relatively long routes exceeding 100 km. The road is slightly to moderately busy. In Pavlikeni there is a charging station and a zoo and several kilometers after it in Byala Cherkva you can see an interesting clock tower and historic museum. At about 25-30 km before Veliko Tarnovo the route will take you through village Emen, where you ca take a trail to the canyon Negovanka – a magnificent place with waterfalls and bat cave, surrounded by 90 m high vertical rocks. There or in the river below you will find coolness during the hot summer days. Down in the village ecotourism prospers with several guest houses and eco-complexes. There is also the possibility of horse-riding.
After Balvan the track goes on the main road Sofia – Veliko Tarnovo, where traffic becomes heavy and you must pay extreme attention..