Giurgiu – Oinacu – Fratesti – Baneasa – Comana – Prundu – Greaca – Cascioarele – Oltenita

76,5 km 3 h 10 min

The route starts from the Danube Star Park in Giurgiu (21 meters above sea level, 0.6% slope) and heads towards the Northeast exit of the city. Outside the city, the road is relatively flat, with slight differences in altitude, following the border between the Danube plain and the low terrace of the Danube. At km 12.7 (35 meters above sea level, 2.0% slope), after a passage over the Daia River, an intensive ascent begins, marking the passage from the lower terrace of the Danube to the high plateau of Burnazu. Following this climb, there are several climbing-downhill slopes along the route, with little difference in the levels between Plopsoru and Baneasa. From Baneasa to km 36.9 (89 m above sea level, 0.1% slope), the route is relatively flat, with slight differences in height and passes through Comana Nature Park before reaching Prundu. From this point on, it starts descending to km 42.2 (69 m above sea level -1.3% slope), which marks the transition from the high plateau to the upper terrace of the Danube. From here, to km 54.7 (70 m above sea level, 1.7% slope), the route remains relatively flat, with a slight difference in height. Between km 54.7 and km 62.4 (58 m above sea level), the route has two stretches of intensive climbing and descent, which correspond to the passage around several lakes in the Zboiu Valley. From km 62.4 the route begins a gentle downhill to Chirnogi, km 68.8 (51 m above sea level, -0.1% slope) marking the return of the route in the valley of the Danube. Prior to Oltenita the route crosses the Arges River and finishes in the Oltenita Park (km 76.5; 18 meters above sea level -1.1% slope).