Drobeta Turnu-Severin – Hinova – Vanju Mare – Cortatel – Balasita – Brabova – Breasta – Craiova


150 km, 6:00 h

The route starts in the town of Drobeta Turnu Severin (83 m above sea level and 0.6% slope) and follows the Danube River to the village of Hinova (km 15.4; 45 m above sea level, 0.5% slope). The road sections are relatively flat without major fluctuations in height. View point in Hinova. Then there is a climbing area where the slope increases to 2.5%, the maximum altitude of the section is 204 m for a kilometer 21.2. This part is located between the villages of Simian and Rogova and corresponds to the border between the slope of the valley of the valley and the Danube plain. The high point of the route is the intersection of National Road 56 and Regional Route 562 and is the viewpPoint above the Danube (ie the village of Ostrovu Corbolu and the Hydroelectric Gate II). The most difficult climb point is located at km 20.8, 189 meters above sea level and has a slope of 13.3%. From this maximum altitude follows a steep slope down to km 22.6 and a height of 120 m. The slope reaches a maximum of -8%. There is a smooth downhill without any major fluctuations in height. From the village of Vanju Mare (km 32.9; 90 m above sea level, slope 1%) starts climbing up to 50.7 km (202 m above sea level, 1.7% slope). Intensive climbing continues to km 53 (272 m above sea level -0.3% slope), the point of maximum difficulty is at km 52.2, 261 m above sea level and 5.7% slope. From the village of Balasita the track follows a rather intense descent to the village of Cleanov (km 64.1 and altitude 193 m above sea level). A new climbing zone that runs through Carpen is next to km 65.7. Starting from km 74.2, a height of 247 m and 0.2% slope starts a stretch of a slight descent to the village of Pietroaia (100.2 km, 100 m altitude, slope 0.1%). From here until the end of the route in the town of Craiova, it is relatively flat, with slight differences in altitude. The end point is near the University of Craiova, Calypso Bucharest, 117 km, 109 m above sea level and 1,8% slope. View point – Valley of the Jiu River, Panorama over Craiova, landmarks in Craiova.