Craiova – Ghercesti – Ungureni – Baldovinesti – Bals – Racovita – Dobrun – Osica de Sus – Caracal

75 km 3 h

The route starts at the University of Craiova (106 meters above sea level and -1,1% slope) and continues Northeast of the city to Ghercesti. Exiting the city, when crossing the Northern tangent of Craiova, there is a marked ascent, about 1 km, the maximum effort point is at km 4.3 where the slope is 10.6% (150 m above sea level). There is a nice view point at the end of this climbing part where you can enjoy the panorama of Craiova; After Craiova the trace remains relatively flat to Ghercesti (km 8.8, 192 m above sea level, 0% slope). The part of the route that crosses Ghercesti is a descent due to the Valley of the Teslui River. The bridge crossing Teslui is located at an altitude of 163 m (km 10.1, slope 0.1%). After crossing over the River Teslui there is an intense climbing near the village of Ungureni, where the maximum altitude of the route is 211 m, at km 14.8, (0.5% slope). From the entrance of Ungureni (km 15.4, 200 m above sea level, slope -4.3%), the trail follows a downward slope and continues slowly along the valleys passing Baleasa and Baldovinesti to reach Bols (km 32, 127 m above sea level, -0.6% slope). At this point, the route crosses the Oltetz River and continues along the left bank of the river along its course. Belvedere point – the sights of Balsch. The slope is interrupted by the crossing to the right bank of the Oltet River and climbs to the village of Racovita (km 37.6). After that climb, the route continues in a slight descent to the village of Dobrun (from km 44.8 to 48.8) when the crossing of several valleys leads to several intense climbs and descents. From this point to the village of Falcoiu (km 62, 89 m above sea level, slope 0.6%), the route follows the Oltet River and continues in a slow descent. Between Falcoiu and Caracal, the route is relatively flat to km 63.4 (86 meters above sea level, slope 0.2%), where climbing of about 20 meters starts, marking the presence of the Valley of the River Teslui, which passes North-south, crossing which goes South of the village of Dobrosloveni (km 68.7, 80 m above sea level). From here to Caracal, the route is relatively flat, with the final point of the route being Victoria Square (km 75.4, 101 meters above sea level, 0.9% slope).