Constanta – Ovidiu – Navodari

39 km, 2h

The route starts from Carol I Park in Constanta (18 meters above sea level, 1.5% slope) and
crosses Southnorth to Eeast of the city. Between km 4 (6 m above sea level, -1.5% slope) and 6.6 (9 m above sea level, 1.7% slope), the route surrounds from East and North Lake Tabacariei, following the southern and western borders of Lake Siutghiol.
The western part of Lake Siutghiol includes 3 consecutive slopes, with descent and climb, between km 10.4 (33 m above sea level, -0.8% slope) and 15.2 (29 m above sea level, -1.9% slope). At km 16.5 (5 meters above sea level, 3.1% slope), the route crosses the left bank of the Poarta Alba-Midia Navodari Canal. From here the route goes up to the exit of Lumina (km 19.8, 28 meters above sea level, 0.9% slope), followed by a serious descent.
Then the route is fairly parallel, moving parallel to the Poarta Alba-Midia Navodari Canal, which crosses again at km 26.1 (9 m above sea level, -0.9% slope).
From there the route slowly descends to Navodari, near Lake Corbu (km
31.2, -2 meters above sea level). Continue to Constanza, following Dn 86, to Mamaia
Constanta, on the eastern shore of Lake Siutghiol.