Calarasi – Ostrov – Bugeac – Galita – Lipnita – Gringu – Adamclisi – Cabadin – Murfatlar – Constanta

145 км, 7h

The route starts from the Great Park in Calarasi (8 meters above sea level, 6.3% slope) and moves to the Southern outskirts of the city.
By km 3.4 (22 m above sea level, -0.9% slope), the route is constantly climbing, and from that point on a continuous descent begins. From km 4 (8 m above sea level, 1.7% slope) starts a new ascent from 4.9 km (15 m above sea level, 0.2% gradient) to Chiciu (km 9.4, 15 m above sea level, -1.9% slope) without any difference in height. In this part the route crosses the Danube plain from north to south.
From Chiciu village, take a ferry to Ostrov. From the exit of Ostrov, begins a part with serious climbing (km 9, 35, 0.5% slope) and at km. 12.8 (80 meters above sea level, 0.4% slope), the track descends and crosses Lake Bugeac.
From the exit of Galita (20.3 km, 18 meters above sea level, 1.9% slope), again there is an intensive ascent (km 23.8, 125 m altitude, -0.2% slope), then the trail remains relatively flat to Lipnita, 127 meters above sea level, 1.7% slope), from where an intense descent (38.5 km, 16 m high, 1.3% slope) begins as a result of the passage near Lake Yormak.
From here begins a new part of the high-altitude track going through Baneasa, where the track passes through the forest. From km 48.2 (167 m above sea level, 0.1% slope) follows a new descent, the route passes through Negureni. From km 57.2 (64 meters above sea level, 1.8% slope), a new stretch of climbing begins, passing through Ion Corvin and Crangu. From km 66 (187 m above sea level, 0.7% slope) a new stretch begins with intensive climbing and descents and after leaving Adamclisi (km 75.3,
156 meters above sea level, -1% slope), the route remains relatively flat, with not very high height differences.
From km 105.6 (122 m, -2.1% slope) the route descends to Murfatlar crossing the Danube – Black Sea canal (km 117.1, 16 m above sea level, -5.3% slope).
After leaving Murfatlar, the route begins to climb slowly, passes through Valu lui Traian, and has the end point of CKarol I Park in Constanta (km 138.1, 4 meters above sea level, -6.7% slope).