Călărași – Dichiseni – Iezeru – Borcea – Fetești – Cernavodă

47 km 2 h

The route starts from the Great Park in Calarasi (17 m above sea level, 2% slope) and heads towards the Eastern exit of the city. The route is relatively flat without major altitude differences and extends along the left bank of the Danube River along the Borcea sleeve. Following the line on the steep bank of the river Danube, there are slopes and elevations along the route but with slight differences, over 5 m (sometimes even over 10 m). The first such stretch is located between Tonea and Roseti (km 6.1, 11 meters above sea level, -2.1% slope and km 7.9, 17 meters above sea level, 0.2% slope). Another slope (over 10 meters above sea level) is located between Coslogeni and Dichiseni (km 14.2-15.6), the track passing very close to the Borcea sleeve. Between Ieseru and Jegalia (km 27.2, 19 m above sea level, 0.3% slope) the path crosses Lake Jegalia. This place also represents the boundary between two divisions on the Margulesti plain, namely the fields of Calarasi and Harsova. This part of the track is climbing with great differences in altitude and continues to Borcea. From km 38.8 (17 m above sea level, -0.3% slope), descent runs to the railway station of Fetesti. Hence, the Danube crossing is a train between Fetesti and Chernavoda, which is the end point of the route.