Calafat – Poiana Mare – Rast – Bailetsti – Giurgita – Segarcea – Calopar – Craiova

119,5 km 5 h

The route starts from Calafat (59 meters above sea level, 0.1% slope) and follows the third terrace of the Danube in the plain of Bailetsti to Poiana Mare (km 13.6, 43 m above sea level, 1.3% slope). View point – the panorama over Calafat, the opportunity to visit Vidin on the bridge. The inclined part of the route continues to Rast, a village situated at the intersection between the first terrace and the Danube plain. Here, at km 32.8, there is the lowest point of the entire route (30 m and slope of -0.5%). From Rast, the route changes its direction, slowly heading North to the city of Bailetsti (km 47.9, 56 m above sea level, slope 0.5%). From Bailetsti the route is flat, with very small differences in altitude to Giurgita (km 72.1, 55 m above sea level, 0.5% slope). At this place, where the route passes through the Desnatui river, intensive climbing begins, representing the transition from the Bailetsti to Segarcea field (higher and more fragmented). From Giurgita to km 81.9 (85 m above sea level, 0.4% slope) the track begins a slight and continuous climbing. This climb marks the boundary between the two subdivisions of the Segarcea – Salcuta field to the North. This border is accompanied by a stretch of intense climbing up to the town of Segarcea (km 86.3, 149 m above sea level, 0.5% slope). View point – Wineries of the Crown. The route to Caloptar is relatively flat, with the maximum track height being 154 m (km 93.2 and 0.5% slope). From Caloptar (km 94.8, 151 m above sea level, 0.2% slope), the road goes to the east, down along the banks of the Jiu River, almost to the Jiu Valley (km 100.3, 78 m above sea level, -1.7% ). From here the route changes to the North, following the right bank of Jiu, a quite flat part. In the village of Podari (km 111.1; 77 m above sea level -0.1% slope) crosses the Jiu River in the direction of Craiova, this being the border between the plain of Segarcea in the West and the plain of Romantul in the East. The final point (km 119.5, 107 meters above sea level, slope 6.5%) is located in the university area (subway, the crossroads of AJ Kusa and Aries streets).