Calafat – Cetate – Unirea – Caraula – Giubega – Perisor – Radovan – Craiova


120 km, 4:45 h

The route starts from the Danube River in Calafat Municipal Park (47 m above sea level)
height, 1.2% slope) and heads to the Northeast exit of the city.
The route follows the Danube upstream, respectively the border between the plain and the third terrace of the Danube. It climbs slowly, passing by the lakes: Balta Golenti (km 10.4, 67 m above sea level, -0.6% slope), Lake Maglavit (km 15.5, 76 m altitude, 1% slope) km 19.6, 71 meters above sea level, -1.5% slope). From Cetate (km 25.3, 79 m above sea level, 0.2% slope), the route climbs slowly, passing through Unirea and Caraoula. At the entrance of Caraoula (km 43, 108 m above sea level, 1.3% slope), an intensive climbing part begins.
After that climb, the route begins to descend following three slopes of descent and climbs at the crossing of Lake Cornu (km 50.3, 160 m above sea level, 1.1% slope), the village of Corlate (km 56.9, 117 m above sea level, -0.3% slope) and Izvoare (km 61.6, 125 m above sea level, 3.4% slope).
From here the track slowly descends, without large heights, to the exit of Perisor municipality
(km 78.7, 101 meters above sea level, 0.3% slope). Here is a part of the intensive climbing marking the passage through the forest between Perisor and Radovan (between km 80.6 and 84.2), followed by a steep descent to the village of Radovan and the intersection of Desnatui (km 87.5, 84 m above sea level, 0.5% slope).
A new stretch of intensive climbing begins at the exit of Radovan, the route passing around the border of the forest at the end of the village (km 90.8, 156 m above sea level, 0.1% slope) and remains relatively flat down to the village of Podari.
Prior to Podari, at km 106.3 (166 meters above sea level, -0.1% slope) begins a descent, marking the crossing of Jiu Valley. After the river (km 109.6, 72 m above sea level, -0.5% slope), the route reaches its final point – the Romanuscu Park in Craiova (km 114.5, 79 m above sea level, 0.7% slope).